10 Woodland Walks in Flanders

Autumn is the season for a healthy, invigorating walk through a forest! Try one of these woodland walks in Flanders!

Enjoy the crisp air, the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, and the beautiful colours at this time of the year. If that’s not enough, then you might fancy a bit of Forest Bathing. I explain the benefits of this here on another post.

But where to wander? In recent posts I have been extolling the wonders of the forests of Wallonia. So I thought it would good to focus on Flanders. It doesn’t have the huge expanses of forests that you can get lost in, that Wallonia does. However, it does have a number of smaller woods that are worth exploring and enjoying. Here are Ten Woodland Walks in Flanders. There are two per province, so wherever you are, there’s one near you.

Woods in Flemish Brabant

Averbode Woods and Heath

From Averbode’s famous abbey there are paths leading off in all directions, not just through the woods but also covering the heaths, grasslands, marshes, and even a few lakes. You can start here and follow the routes on Walking around Averbode.

Averbode forest walking route


Situated in the pretty area of Hageland, this small wooded area is on an iron-sandstone hill, from where you can explore the IJsbeek valley and the Schollenkot. A good starting point is the Domein Tienbunders; and here is a map of the Tienbunderbos.

Woods in Limburg


Variety is the spice of life, so a walk through the Munsterbos will certainly spice up your life. It has a bit of everything: old oak forests, birch coppices, ponds and pastures, with a few picturesque chapels thrown in too. You can start from the village of Munsterbilzen and then follow the routes on this Munsterbos map.


I love the Voerstreek; one of the most picturesque regions of Flanders. I guarantee that you will also love this area too, with its pretty villages, undulating fields, peace and quiet, and miles and miles of footpaths and cycle routes. Start from the village of ‘s Gravenvoeren and pop this map into your back pocket.

The beautiful Voerstreek of Limburg, Belgium

Woods in the province of Antwerp


This little wooded area can be a bit muddy, so take your boots, but walking through the Molenbeek valley with its winding stream, marsh vegetation and willow trees is worth the effort. Start here and follow Lovenhoek.

Woodland walks in Flanders


The remains of a much larger woodland, the Waverwoud is now cut up into smaller woods. There are many starting points, such as from the Markt in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, but as you can see from this map of Waverwoud, you can start elsewhere to cover different areas of it. 

Woods in East Flanders


If you don’t know the Flemish Ardennes, you could be in for a bit of surprise. In contrast to the flatness of many other places in Flanders, it has gentle slopes, as well as some steep climbs. Enjoy the dense forests of the Raspaillebos, broken up by some scenic views over the surrounding countryside. Start from the De Helix nature centre, and you won’t get lost with this map of the Raspaillebos. 

Autumn is a great time to walk through the woodlands of Flanders

Bos t’Ename

Another walk to enjoy the hills of the Flemish Ardennes, and even the steep edge of the Scheldt valley. Bos t’Ename is an attractive forest, made even better by some outstanding views over the valley. You can start your walk from the village of Ename and continue along this footpath.

West Flanders’ woodlands


If you thought that West Flanders was totally flat, a walk through the woods of the Heuvelland will make you think again; the well-known Kemmelberg (Mount Kemmel) is at 156 metres one of the highest spots in Flanders, from where you can enjoy views of Flanders Fields. Start from Westouter; here’s a map of the Heuvelland.

walking through the Flemish forests!

De Vaanders

A short walk through a varied landscape of woodlands, grasslands, and a few lakes. Start here and follow this footpath.

All these walks are through Natuurpunt nature reserves (the Flemish nature conservation organisation), who also made the maps. I hope you enjoy these woodland walks in Flanders. Let me know if you have others to recommend. Add a comment or contact me.

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  1. I think you must be tryng to wear me out, Denzil! But I do like a bit of variety. Many thanks for so many suggestions. i hope to get to try them one day. 🙂 🙂

  2. These are excellent photos, I like the trees reflected in the lake at Averbode, and the first shot of the walkers in front of a curtain of leaves. I love this time of year!

  3. Thanks again, Denzil. We did the first walk at Averbode yesterday in the early Autumn sunshine along with many other walkers, cyclists, horse riders. Trees are just about to change colour and the oaks were shedding their acorns. We finished with an Abbey beer and ice cream. A great recommendation.

  4. Hello Denzil,
    This sounds and looks so beautiful. Especially being surrounded by all the Autumn colour as you have captured.
    A lovely guide, thank you 💐✨✨

      • Hello Denzil,
        You’re welcome.
        And that’s very kind of you for remembering….
        Thank you so much.
        Yes, we are in London now. We have been here a week already. I know the time will fly.
        It’s been a great but surreal week.
        Hope all is well with you too 💐✨✨✨

        • Wow I guess everything must seem “up in the air”. I hope you both settle down quickly and have a really enjoyable time in London, and of course travelling elsewhere in the UK or further afield.

          • Thank you kindly, Denzil. Yes, it’s quite surreal that we are here but are finding a lovely little routine until we can move into the apartment I found last week.
            Yes, Europe here we come….
            I value your kind interest Denzil. I guess you really know what’s it’s like to resettle somewhere else

  5. Even the names of these woods are enchanting. I’d love to walk in any one of them. That very first photo, of the tall skinny trees beside the lake, gives a different meaning to the word “sky scraper.” Love the golden autumn colors.

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