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15 child-friendly museums in Belgium

tutankhamun in Liege Belgium

It’s always good to have some museums in Belgium up your sleeve as places to take children during a vacation or a wet weekend. Here’s a short list of 15 child-friendly museums in Belgium.

Toy museum, Mechelen

Toy Museum Mechelen
  • Celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday!
  • Until 19 April 2020: Take a stroll along the catwalk and enjoy 60 years of fashion history featuring iconic Barbies
  • Huge fixed collection of toys of all sorts from all over the world

Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren

Gallo-Roman Museum Tongeren Belgium
  • Discover our ancestors in Belgium’s oldest city
  • For children from ages 7 to 13, an audio guide with Archaeologist Bob the Digger gives lively explanations of the objects on display
  • Children can discover how prehistoric humans made fire and boiled water, and meet figures such as Ambiorix and Caesar

Tutankhamun @Liege-Guillemins station, Liège

Tutankhamun exhibition in Liege Belgium
  • Until 31 May 2020, a great opportunity to learn all about the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun
  • The burial chambers have been completely reconstructed
  • Beware of the Pharaoh’s curse!

Royal Military Museum, Brussels

Royal Military Museum of Brussels
  • Real aircraft in a giant hangar
  • Take a seat in the cockpit of an F-16
  • Enjoy a super view from the top of the Arcade du Cinquantenaire, overlooking Brussels

Magritte Museum, Brussels

Magritte Museum Brussels
  • Introduce your children to the world of surrealistic art with the world’s largest René Magritte collection
  • 230 paintings, drawings, sculptures, objects, advertising posters, musical scores, photographs and films
  • Special audio guides for children (6-11) and teenagers

Goalmine, Genk

Goalmine Museum Genk
  • This will keep a soccer-mad boy or girl happy for hours
  • Interactive games, movies, mementos, video clips …
  • Lots of info about Racing Genk F.C. and its history with the local mining industry

Comics Station Antwerp, Antwerp

Comic Station Antwerp Belgium
  • Favorite Belgian comic book characters in interactive attractions
  • Suske & Wiske, Lucky Luke, Urbanus, Jommeke, the Smurfs …
  • Museum combined with a park (indoor slides etc.)

Castle of the Counts, Ghent

Castle of the Counts Museum Ghent Belgium
  • Medieval castle with special weapons museum and torture chamber
  • Free for everyone under 18
  • Audio tour and visio guides

Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels

Museum of Natural Sciences Brussels
  • Real dinosaurs! Play at being an archaeologist in the Paleolab (5+)
  • Free discovery trails for children, 6-8 or 9-12 years old
  • Exhibition on Antarctica until 30th August 2020

Aquarium Museum, Liège

Aquarium Museum Liege Belgium
  • The riches and beauty of the animal kingdom
  • 250 species of ocean, sea, lake and river fish from around the world populate the 46 pools 
  • Reconstruction of the jaw of a Megalodon (an extinct giant shark): take a selfie standing between its teeth

Mini-Europe, Brussels

Mini Europe Brussels
  • Visit the whole of Europe in a couple of hours
  • Everything on a child’s scale (1:125 to be precise)
  • Interactive walk at the foot of the atomium

Technopolis, Mechelen

  • Children’s do-it-yourself center; experiment and learn by playing
  • Discovery tour from 4 years of age
  • Great place to have a child’s birthday party!

The House of Alijn, Ghent

The House of Alijn Ghent Belgium
  • A trip down memory lane with your children or grandchildren
  • Discover how daily life has changed from the past
  • Dip into the dressing-up box, flick through photo albums from Grandma’s time, revel in the nostalgia of old films, enjoy Play-Doh, hopscotch and marbles

Computer Museum NAM-IP, Namur

Computer Museum Namur
  • Follow the development of computing power
  • Journey from the early calculating machines to your smartphone
  • Marvel at the size of the early computers!

Red Star Line museum, Antwerp

Red Star Line Museum Antwerp
  • An eventful journey tracing the history of migration by following the footsteps of specific emigrants
  • Discover the role played by the Red Star Line of ships transporting people from Antwerp to America
  • Until 19 April: free exhibition about today’s refugees in ‘De Loods’, the old baggage shed of the Red Star Line shipping company.

More to come …

Researching this blog post has made me aware just how many excellent child-friendly museums there are in Belgium. So I will be making a second list of another 15 great museums shortly. If you have a special recommendation of a museum that you have visited and would like to see added to the list, just drop me a comment below or contact me.

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    1. Museums these days are so much more fun than they used to be in the 60s! Then, they could generally be described as stuffy and boring. Your grands would surely have a ball in some of these, Sharon 😺😺

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