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The Belgian 2020 News Quiz!

Belgian 2020 news quiz

Attempt these 12 questions on news items in Belgium in 2020 and see if you can score 12 out of 12!

You may be thinking that 2020 is a year to forget. You may be ready to scrape the remnants of 2020 into your waste bin and put it out for the garbage truck to pick up, so that you never have to think of this terrible year again. However, before you do, why don’t you give yourself a final chance to recall some of the newsworthy items from the past year? Although COVID-19 has dominated our minds and therefore the news media, a lot of other stuff happened! All 12 questions relate to news in Belgium over the last twelve months. (At least this means you won’t be reminded of Trump and Brexit).

I hope you enjoy the quiz. Let me know how you get on, and feel free to share the quiz and/or your results on social media. Have you already done the other quizzes on Discovering Belgium?

The Belgian 2020 News Quiz

12 questions on the news in Belgium in 2020! How many can you get right?

Due to the popularity of these quizzes (Quiz No. 1 has been viewed 4185 times since I published it in April 2020) I’ll be making more in 2021. Next up will be the Big Belgian Beer Quiz! To get notification of this quiz, along with all other new posts on Discovering Belgium, subscribe by adding your email below:


21 thoughts on “The Belgian 2020 News Quiz!”

  1. Considering I guessed all the answers a score of 6 is acceptable, I think. I really wanted the word of the year to be Covidiot. There’s been a lot of them around this year. I’m looking forward to sharing the beer quiz with Mr ET. 🙂

  2. Very interesting quiz which we will redo next week as guessed most answers,proudly got population correct and mostly downhill from there.Thanks for all your posts through year…it seems a long time since we built bug hotel hopefully lots of bugs tucked up in there at moment. Best wishes for 2020

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