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How does hiking make you healthier?

23 reasons why hiking is healthy

I’ve always thought hiking was good for me. Now I know why.

Recently I came across a fascinating article and infographic by Arun at He explained in detail the health benefits of going a regular hike. As I and many of my readers are keen hikers, I asked Arun if I could post his infographic on Discovering Belgium. He agreed, and also kindly wrote an introduction:

“Did your healthcare practitioner ever tell you to go for a hike? If a doctor really wishes to take good care of your health, then he/she may definitely suggest you hiking. Doctors are now of the opinion that those individuals who spend some of their quality time out in the Mother Nature will be enjoying less amount of stress and will be having a good physical health as well.

“Taking a hike through the woods along with enjoying the foliage as well as the birds, breathing in the aroma of pine trees and the spruce will help to soothe your mind and make you feel really good. In this way, you can learn the credible ways of improving your state of mind. By having a healthy mind, you can also have a healthy body with fresh and positive thoughts.

“There are many doctors who prefer or recommend ‘nature prescriptions’ for lowering anxiety related issues, control depression, enhance the stress levels and many more. In addition to this, nature prescriptions are widely accepted by doctors now since there are many studies which point out the benefits of spending time in the greenery. Luckily, we can say that hiking is one among the less expensive and the easiest method in which you can get involved in sports. You can start with a small hike and increase the duration of the next hikes.

“So how does hiking make you healthier? You can check out the below mentioned 23 ways of hiking which benefit your health. Find more detailed benefits of hiking from” – Arun

How does hiking make you healthier? Check out these 23 ways!

Thanks Arun! I particularly like your description of “nature prescriptions”. If anyone wants to share their own benefits of hiking, feel free to add a comment below.

Arun has also shared other great stuff with me, including articles on fire safety and hiking with your dog.

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21 thoughts on “How does hiking make you healthier?”

  1. We really notice it when we don’t get one of weekly long walks in. We don’t sleep as well, often grumpy and certainly less energetic. Now I know why!

    1. Yes Judy, I am considering modelling myself on him as he is so stylishly cool. I don’t think I will succeed though.

    1. Lego characters have changed so much haven’t they? I remember when there was just one unisex Lego character, and you had to use a lot of imagination!

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