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New cycling network is an (almost) great local resource in Brabant Wallon

Cycling enthusiast Kevin Mayne tries out the new cycling network in Brabant Wallon. It’s a welcome expansion of the Flemish system. However, some routes clearly need to be improved. And the interactive network map is not easy to use. Let’s hope these teething problems get solved, to encourage more cycling in Wallonia.

16 thoughts on “New cycling network is an (almost) great local resource in Brabant Wallon”

      1. Thanks Jempi yes that’s the one I am familiar with, which is so easy to use isn’t it? It’s a pity the Wallonian one didn’t just copy that system!

    1. Thanks Jempi, I think Kevin meant Flemish rather than Dutch, but perhaps not. Anyway, it’s good to point out that the system originated in Limburg; in the coal mines, I believe?

      1. It’s just a pity that there is no major organisation for the Walloon territory (in Flanders that’s the Tourism Board). So every single local authority is designing their own signs, alas.

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