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A Useful App. A New Blog. A Sharper Focus

First, a really useful app that many of my readers might also find useful, for themselves, their children and perhaps their grandchildren. It’s Merlin Bird ID. Whether you know nothing at all about birds, or are a fairly advanced birdwatcher, this app – available for Android and iOS – will help you identify birds that you see or hear outdoors. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Particularly useful is the app’s ability to listen to the birds around you and show real-time suggestions for what’s singing or calling!

However, I’m not describing it here but …

On my new blog!

I have started a new blog called Denzil Nature. It covers six topics: photos, books, news, guides, projects and equipment. As many of my readers know, nature is one of my passions. By starting a dedicated nature blog this will mean …

A sharper focus for Discovering Belgium

My Discovering Belgium blog will therefore be solely focused on … well, discovering Belgium, rather than other topics (such as nature) which might not be directly related to Belgium.

So, if you are at all interested in nature, feel free to head over to Denzil Nature and subscribe for nature-related posts.

If not, just stay where you are on Discovering Belgium, where you can expect regular posts that only concern this fair country.

Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from following both!

P.S. If you are missing something to read about Belgium, I highly recommend you reading Andreas Moser’s interesting and very humorous account of his recent visit to Waterloo battlefield: The Battlefield of Waterloo, Looking for the Bones, and a Surprising Supper

15 thoughts on “A Useful App. A New Blog. A Sharper Focus”

  1. Congrats Denzil! I love that your blog is add-free like mine. It makes it such a pleasure to read. Thanks for all your great tips and clear writing!

    1. Thanks a lot Bri. Yes, there are so many blogs out there that use ads, that sometimes you have to battle through the ads to find the content! (I usually refuse to read those blogs that are so ad-heavy)

  2. Oh, oh, you are all making me blush!
    Thank you very much for the recommendation!

    I’ll have more stuff from and about Belgium soon. As always, a mix of getting lost in the forest and discovering some history.

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