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Ready for International Bat Night?

International bat night

In Belgium on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 August 2022, a number of activities are taking place to introduce you to the delights of bats.

The International Bat Night has taken place every year since 1997 in more than 30 countries on the last full weekend of August. Nature conservation agencies and NGOs from across Europe pass on information to the public about the way bats live and their needs, through presentations, exhibitions and bat walks. This year, the 26th International Bat Night is taking place between 26-27 August 2022, depending on the country.

In Belgium a number of activities are taking place to introduce people to the delights of bats on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August 2022. Going under the title of “Nacht van de Vleermuis” or “Nuit des Chauves-Souris”, activities include night walks, children’s entertainment, films, exhibitions and other activities. You can listen to bat sounds with the support of ultrasound technology. And hopefully see some bats for yourself.

Below is an overview of the activities planned for Belgium. They are in Dutch or French, and most require prior registration. When you register you could always ask if someone is able to give short translations into English, if your Dutch or French language skills don’t extend to such specific topics.


Wallonia & Brussels

I can’t give you a breakdown of bat activities per province, but I can give you two useful links:

If you live elsewhere in Europe you’ll maybe have to google International Bat Night and your country. But for countries where I get a lot of readers, here are links to your batty activities: UK, The Netherlands, France, Germany.

I hope you enjoy one of these activities. Some are particularly geared towards children. Any questions, just drop me a line and I’ll do my best to find the answer.

And if you are keen to encourage bats in your neighborhood, Vivara sells an extensive range of bat boxes. I’m thinking of getting one of these myself.


15 thoughts on “Ready for International Bat Night?”

  1. Many people are not aware that bats are also pollinators like bees and birds. Enlightened of Belgium to have such a night. In the US, Bat night is often at evening baseball games. 😉

  2. I continue to see reports with conflicting conclusions re bats as eaters of mosquitos, but one of the more recent ones, from the U of Wisconsin, again concluded that bats do include them in their diet. And any enemy of mosquitos, is a friend of mine, Go Bats!

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