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Six Belgian AI startups to notice

Belgian AI startups

Belgium is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem that covers a wide range of sectors, from fintech and biotech to cleantech and digital health. Among these, AI stands out as one of the most promising and fast-growing technologies that has the potential to reshape the world. In this article, I introduce you to six Belgian startups that are using AI to solve various challenges and create value for their customers.

Nobi: A smart lamp that saves lives by preventing falls

Falls are a major threat to the health and well-being of older adults, especially those who live alone or in care facilities. Nobi is a startup that aims to prevent falls and save lives with its innovative smart lamp. Nobi uses AI to monitor the entire room and detect any signs of a fall. If a fall occurs, Nobi immediately alerts the caregivers or family members through a mobile app or other means. Nobi also prevents falls by providing automated lighting that reduces disorientation and improves visibility. Moreover, Nobi offers a privacy-secure analysis of falls to help prevent them in the future.

Nobi is a life-saving lamp for seniors. It's one of the Belgian AI startups
Nobi is more than just a lamp, it is a life-saving companion for seniors. Photo © Nobi

Enersee: An energy management software that optimises energy usage and reduces environmental impact

Energy management is a key factor for any organisation that wants to reduce its operational costs and its carbon footprint. However, energy management is often a complex and challenging task that requires the collection, analysis and optimisation of large amounts of data. Enersee is a startup that revolutionises energy management with its advanced AI software. Enersee empowers energy managers to monitor energy performance and consumption more effectively. By utilising energy measurement and verification, accurate consumption forecasting, and real-time anomaly detection, Enersee enables substantial reductions in energy costs and carbon emissions.

Enersee energy management software
Enersee seeks to help organisations save money and achieve their sustainability goals. Photo © Enersee

icometrix: brain analysis software that helps diagnose and treat neurological conditions

Neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, stroke and Parkinson’s disease, affect millions of people worldwide and pose significant challenges for diagnosis and treatment. icometrix is a startup that develops AI-supported quantitative brain analysis software that provides metrics for cerebral MRI scans. The software helps clinicians to diagnose, monitor and evaluate treatment responses in patients with neurological conditions. icometrix is a spin-off from the universities and university hospitals of Leuven and Antwerp.

A tool to detect brain lesions from Belgian AI startup iconometrix
One of its tools is used to detect brain lesions. Photo © icometrix

Relu: A dental software that automates digital treatment planning with AI

Dental treatment planning is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the expertise of a dentist and the use of various imaging techniques. Belgian AI startup Relu simplifies and automates digital treatment planning with AI. Relu has developed an AI-based algorithm that images the anatomy of the jaws, teeth and nerves via a 3D model. The algorithm recognises the anatomy in a scan and automatically converts it into 3D models of the jaw, teeth, skull and even nerves, without the intervention of a dentist.

 Relu's software enables faster, easier and more accurate dental treatment planning.
Relu’s software enables faster, easier and more accurate dental treatment planning. Photo © Relu

Stellar Labs: A learning and development platform that combines neuroscience and AI

Learning and development are essential for any organisation that wants to stay competitive and innovative in the changing world. However, traditional learning methods are often ineffective, boring and costly. Stellar Labs is a startup that aims to revolutionise learning and development with its AI-powered platform. Stellar Labs combines neuroscience and human behaviour with business and technology to create customised learning programmes that suit the needs and preferences of each client. Stellar Labs also improves existing learning methods and trains in-house experts to become better educators.

Stellar Labs learning and development
The platform offers a hybrid learning format combining digital training with workshops and coaching. Photo © Stellar Labs

TechWolf: An HR tech platform that uses AI to connect people, jobs and education based on skills

Skills are the currency of the future, as they determine the employability, productivity and career development of individuals and organisations. However, skills are often hard to measure, track and match with the changing demands of the labour market. TechWolf is a Belgian AI startup that uses AI to connect people, jobs and education based on skills. The company claims to deliver an instant, up-to-date and unbiased view of skills across the workforce. It automatically monitors your employees’ skills based on HR information and the digital footprint they create on the work floor. TechWolf helps you discover what capabilities are already present, see which future skills are lacking and identify efficient paths to upskilling, reskilling and hiring.

TechWolf is a pioneer in HR tech
TechWolf is a pioneer in HR tech that helps organisations build a future-proof workforce. Photo © TechWolf

I hope you found this quick tour of these six Belgian AI startups interesting. We hear so much in the media these days about the potential negative impact of AI, that it’s good to read of some of the more positive aspects. In fact, let’s summarize some of the ways that AI can improve our lives:

  • Enhancing decision-making and problem-solving: AI can help us analyze large amounts of data, find patterns and insights, and make predictions and recommendations based on evidence. For example, AI can help us solve some of the thorny policy problems of climate change, infrastructure and healthcare.
  • Creating new apps and services: AI can enable us to interact with devices and systems in natural and intuitive ways, such as voice, gesture, and facial recognition. AI can also generate new forms of content, such as music, art, and writing, that can enrich our experiences and stimulate our creativity.
  • Saving time and resources: AI can automate many routine and tedious tasks, such as booking appointments, ordering food, and managing finances. AI can also optimize processes and operations, such as traffic management, energy consumption, and manufacturing, to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  • Learning and developing new skills: AI can provide personalized and adaptive learning opportunities, such as online courses, tutoring, and feedback. AI can also help us discover new information, explore new topics, and expand our knowledge and horizons.

AI is not without its challenges and risks, such as ethical, social, and legal implications. However, by embracing AI technologies with awareness and caution, we can tap into a world of convenience, safety, and cognitive stimulation, in ways that can enhance our overall quality of life.

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