Belgian Beer Quiz

Beer fermentation

Belgian beer is renowned – and consumed – throughout the world. Test your knowledge of Belgian beer by answering these 10 questions.

Belgian Beer Quiz

The coronavirus lockdown restrictions are easing. Bars and cafés will soon be opening up for custom. 

In preparation, it’s time for the Belgian Beer Quiz! 


Have you done the other quizzes on belgium?

18 thoughts on “Belgian Beer Quiz”

  1. You’re love for the brew is shining clear through. Since I don’t like any beer, you can have my glass too. I’ve had beer from England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Japan, and the United States. No matter the country, it is equally not to my taste.

    1. Thanks for taking part Andrea, but don’t choose this as your specialist topic on Mastermind. When I do one on wild flowers you’ll get 10.

  2. You can tell I’m married to a beer fanatic. I got the best score yet out of any of your quizzes. 🙂 We did a beer tour in Brussels. It was great fun. My favourite was the Chimay Blue – delicious. Re your comment above, a chocolate quiz would be right up my alley. Mr ET says to tell you he got a score of 6. He’s happy with that.

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