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Belgian Chocolate Quiz

Belgian chocolate

Enjoy this Belgian Chocolate Quiz which has 12 deliciously mouth-watering multiple-choice questions.

Belgian Chocolate Quiz

Open this chocolate box of 12 questions and discover how much you know – or don’t – about Belgian chocolate. 

I hope you enjoy this Belgian Chocolate Quiz.

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23 thoughts on “Belgian Chocolate Quiz”

      1. Hi Denzil,

        I had a much more reliable source: A paper from the KUL Faculty of Economics And Business.
        See section: Defining and protecting “Belgian chocolate”
        Attempts to define Belgian chocolate are almost as old as the industry itself. As early as 1894, a Belgian royal decree limited the circulation of chocolate imitations that replaced cocoa with poor quality fats. Article 2 of this decree established that it was “illegal to sell, have in possession or expose for sale, or to transmit any product whatever, under the designation ‘chocolate’, that is not manufactured exclusively from shelled cocoa, and that in a minimum proportion of 35%, and ordinary sugar, with or without admixture of spices” (for more details see Meloni and Swinnen, 2015).

        Arrêté royal du 18 novembre 1894 relatif au commerce du cacao et du chocolat.

        And ‘Revue Belge de la Police Administrative & Judiciaire 1895. See page 13.

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