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“Belgium exists thanks to Russia” claims Putin

Belgium exists thanks to Russia

In a speech delivered at the March 2024 World Youth Festival, Russian President Putin suggested that Russia played a significant role in Belgium’s emergence as an independent state!

However, historical evidence contradicts this crazy notion.

Belgium’s journey to independence began in 1830 when it revolted against the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Contrary to Putin’s claims, Russia sided with the Dutch!

Moreover, Russia even planned to send troops to suppress the Belgian rebellion. It was only due to the November Uprising in Poland that Russia diverted its attention, allowing fleeing Polish officers to bolster Belgium’s armed forces.

Although Russia eventually acknowledged Belgian statehood at the London Conference of 1830, the credit for Belgium’s independence lies more with anti-Russian Polish revolutionaries and the diplomatic efforts of Britain and France.

Putin’s revisionist tendencies are not isolated incidents but part of a broader pattern. His assertions regarding Ukraine’s historical ties to Russia and his manipulation of educational materials reflect his willingness to distort history to serve his political agenda.

Why change Belgium’s history? It may be linked with the debates that are intensifying over the use of Russian assets in Belgium to support Ukraine. The majority of these assets (up to 20 billion euros) are housed in Euroclear, a security depository in Belgium.

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