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Belgian monarchy quiz

Test your knowledge of the Kings of the Belgians with this fun and educational quiz on the Belgian monarchy

The bravery of Camille van Hove

In 1933, Belgian farmer Camille Van Hove received the Civil Cross 1st Class from King Albert I for his bravery following an air crash.

The Bones of Waterloo: where are they?

The bones of Waterloo

What happened to the bones of the thousands of dead soldiers at Waterloo, and what is the link with the sugar beet industry?

Belgium News Quiz 2023

Belgium News Quiz 2023

Ten questions to test your knowledge of some unusual news stories from Belgium in 2023

Kings of Belgium

The Kings of the Belgians

Discover the lives and legacies of the Kings of the Belgians, each of whom made their own valuable contribution to the development of the nation.

History of Belgium

Unraveling the rich history of Belgium

Discover the history of Belgium, a country with a rich tapestry of history, culture, and diversity amid strife and troubles.

In Memoriam by Alice Winn

In Memoriam by Alice Winn

In Memoriam by Alice Winn is a wonderful and gripping account of love between two young men amidst the brutality of the First World War.

White stork

White storks on the rise in Belgium

The breeding population of storks in Belgium has been steadily increasing, with a record-breaking number of breeding pairs in 2023.