Cities & towns

Belgium is blessed with beautiful and historically interesting cities. Gent, Bruges, Brussels, Liege, Antwerp, Mechelen … here are a few posts that recommend places to visit in some of these cities. The “How to Spend a Day in …” series is a good place to start.

Where to go in Belgium?

An easy map to see all the places mentioned on Discovering Belgium

St Peter’s Church, Leuven

St Peter’s Church in Leuven almost became the world’s tallest building!

Peregrine falcons in Brussels 2015

April 2015 update: Another successful hatch: follow the webcam for some great sights of the nest.

May 2014 update: The peregrines are breeding once again in the cathedral, and you can see a live webcam here.

April 2013 update: The peregrine falcons are back in the tower of the St. Michael and St. Gudula’s Cathedral in the middle of Brussels, and the female has already laid her eggs and is brooding them. You can see a live webcam of the nest here. Read the article below for background information on these great birds.

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