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Children’s activities

A few ideas for children’s activities in Belgium. They range from outdoor walks and cycle rides, woodland exploration, play activities, to some museums that cater for the younger generation.

sounds of nature: waves crashing on a beach

Listen to the sounds of nature

Listening to the sounds of nature can help counteract stress and anxiety. They may be particularly helpful during the current coronavirus crisis.

How to make a bee hotel from wooden pallets

How can I make a bee hotel?

#2 in my series of coronavirus lockdown projects for children and adults. How to build a luxury 5-star bee hotel from wooden pallets.

Blue tit

How to start watching garden birds

The first of a new series of nature projects for adults and children to do at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

children hiking in Belgium

15 child-friendly walks in Belgium

“A Country Walk! BORING!” But it doesn’t have to be thanks to these tips to make a country walk with children fun and enjoyable.

Vlooyberg Tower

Visit the Vlooyberg Tower

Marvel at how the Vlooyberg Tower “floats” in the air, and then climb to the top for some great views.

tutankhamun in Liege Belgium

15 child-friendly museums in Belgium

A short list of 15 museums throughout Belgium that will be particularly interesting for children of all ages and interests.