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Cycling along the Schelde

Cycling along the River Schelde

The cycle paths along the River Schelde are really excellent. And you can hop from bank to bank on the river ferries

cycling to Tienen and Hoegaarden

Cycling to Tienen and Hoegaarden

Discover some tips to cycling to Tienen and Hoegaarden and learn how to use the Flemish cycling network Fietsnet.

Go Recreational Cycling in Belgium

There are numerous opportunities for recreational cycling in Belgium, including organised events taking place through the country. I explain what to expect, and suggest some cycling events you might like to join.

Walking and cycling in the Voerstreek

The Voerstreek is one of the prettiest regions of Flanders; and is covered with footpaths and cycle routes. Here’s a 26k hiking route.

Walking network signpost in Averbode

Cycling and hiking in Belgium

An ingenious network of cycle paths and footpaths covers many parts of Flanders and makes it easy to devise your own unique cycling and hiking route.

wijgmaal, Belgium

26th of December: April, June or September?

A Happy Christmas and a New Year full of Belgian Discoveries! Yes, it’s my final post of 2015. But what a strange day. 14 degrees warm, and in the direct sunshine, as hot as a day in June. Not good from the perspective of the planet’s climate, but so good to get some sunshine in December.

Keerbergen mill

Keerbergen Mill: 309 years of green energy

Keerbergen Mill is the last remaining mill of 76 that used to grind corn in the Dijle region. If you live in the neighborhood it’s worth taking a look at, although currently you can’t go inside.

Where to go in Belgium?

An easy map to see all the places mentioned on Discovering Belgium

50 Shades of Grey

A Saturday morning cycle ride under the grey clouds of Belgium.