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Belgium is a small country but has a rich and diverse natural heritage. It has many parks, forests, lakes, rivers, caves, and wildlife areas that offer scenic views and opportunities for outdoor activities. The country’s compact size allows for easy exploration of its charming countryside, dotted with quaint villages and flourishing biodiversity. Here are some posts covering topics on Belgian Nature.

The Alliums of Flanders Fields

In late May and June, many locations in Flanders Fields are transforming into a sea of purple Alliums.

Peregrine Falcons in Brussels

Peregrine Falcons in Brussels

At least 12 pairs of Peregrine Falcons are now nesting in Brussels! Here’s where and how to see them.

White stork

White storks on the rise in Belgium

The breeding population of storks in Belgium has been steadily increasing, with a record-breaking number of breeding pairs in 2023.

How to identify nuts and seeds

How to identify nuts and seeds

A guide to identify some of the most common nuts and seeds that you may come across on a country walk.

what good are wasps?

Wasps: 6 ways wasps are beneficial

You might be tempted to ask “What good are wasps?” when they are terrorizing your picnic. Here are 6 ways wasps are beneficial.

The story of the wolf in Belgium

The story of the wolf in Belgium, from local extinction to two small packs that have established themselves in recent years.

giant hogweed

Giant hogweed – and why to avoid it!

Giant hogweed is an impressive plant, growing up to 5 meters tall, but should be avoided as its sap can generate painful skin blisters.

Asian hornet is increasing in Belgium

The rise of Asian hornets in Europe

Asian hornets are spreading fast across Europe, including the Benelux. This is bad news for the continent’s honey bees.

Wasp on garden flower

How to deal with wasps

In 2022 there is an abundance of wasps across Europe. Here are some tips to deal with wasps in your garden or at a picnic.