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A number of fun and educational quizzes to test your knowledge of Belgium. They cover general knowledge as well as specific topics such as Belgian beer, Belgian football, and the Belgian monarchy. Choose one and have fun learning more about this country!

Belgian monarchy quiz

Test your knowledge of the Kings of the Belgians with this fun and educational quiz on the Belgian monarchy

Belgium News Quiz 2023

Belgium News Quiz 2023

Ten questions to test your knowledge of some unusual news stories from Belgium in 2023

Belgian football quiz

Belgian Football Quiz

15 multiple-choice questions on Belgian football. How many will you put in the back of the net?

Belgian chocolate

Belgian Chocolate Quiz

Enjoy this Belgian Chocolate Quiz with its 12 deliciously mouth-watering multiple-choice questions.

Beer fermentation

Belgian Beer Quiz

COVID restrictions are easing. Bars and cafés are opening up. In preparation, it’s time for the Belgian Beer Quiz!

Belgian 2020 news quiz

The Belgian 2020 News Quiz!

Attempt these 12 questions on news items in Belgium in 2020 and see if you can score 12 out of 12!

First World War Quiz

First World War Quiz

This new Discovering Belgium Quiz focuses on the First World War. Answer these 20 multiple-choice questions and share your score!

It’s Quiz Time again!

Test and improve your general knowledge of Belgium with the 3rd Discovering Belgium Quiz!

Discovering Belgium Quiz

Quiz on Belgium

How well do you know Belgium? Answer these 12 multiple-choice questions to discover how much you know. Or don’t!