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Remarkable Belgians

I look at the lives of some Belgians who are well-known in some aspect and who have made a valuable contribution to humanity.

Marie Janson: Trail-blazing politician

In 1921 Marie Janson became the first woman to hold a seat in the Belgian federal parliament – 27 years before women got the vote!

Joseph Guinotte and his American dreams

Belgian-born civil engineer Joseph Guinotte had the vision and drive to try to form a colony of Belgians in the fledgling town of Kansas City.

The bravery of Camille van Hove

In 1933, Belgian farmer Camille Van Hove received the Civil Cross 1st Class from King Albert I for his bravery following an air crash.

Kings of Belgium

The Kings of the Belgians

Discover the lives and legacies of the Kings of the Belgians, each of whom made their own valuable contribution to the development of the nation.

Remembering Jacques Brel

45 years ago today, Belgian singer Jacques Brel died. Here’s a short overview of his life, for those who may not know much about him.