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The 7 km Chartreuzenberg walk, Holsbeek

The pretty Chartreuzenberg walk is ideal for children and families as it includes a woodland play area.

Start and end point of this circular walk is the village of Holsbeek, south of Aarschot in the Hageland area of Flemish Brabant. If you’re arriving by car, I suggest parking along Sint-Maurusstraat and then walking towards the church of Sint-Maurus. If you are on public transport, Holsbeek is well served by buses, such as De Lijn bus no. 310 from Leuven station. Get off at Holsbeek Sportschuur and you’ll see the church in front of you.

Starting point: junction 1 at Sint-Maurus’ Church, Holsbeek

The route is 7 km and is well signposted as it’s part of the node-to-node walking network. Follow the junctions 1 – 12 – 19 – 18 – 111 – 112 – 110 – 17 – 11 – 1. Below is the map of the route which you can download as a PDF. GPX track is on my RouteYou page.

If you – or the kids – feel like exploring, then there’s plenty of opportunity. You’ll see on the map the wooded area encircled by junctions 18, 111, 112, 110 and 17. That is the Chartreuzenbos (forest). There are numerous tracks through this forest, as you can see on the map. Apart from some fenced-in areas where some black sheep graze, the whole area is accessible. Some parts of it are children’s forest play areas. There are benches here and there for the parents to sit on. And various climbing challenges for the children. It really is a lovely forest to walk in, at any time of the year. Of course, in autumn the colours are truly scrumptious!

The route also passes the Chartreuzenberg Vineyard where in non-COVID times it’s possible to have a guided tour and sample their wine.

The Chartreuzenberg Walk is thus a family-friendly walk that’s ideal for a weekend afternoon in the sun (hopefully). As always, any questions and just drop me a line or contact me via WhatsApp. Enjoy!

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