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Château de Seneffe: Silver, art and nature

Chateau de Seneffe

A few years ago I was invited by Hainaut Tourism to visit five castles in a day! I thought it was time to revisit them separately, starting with the Château de Seneffe.

Château de Seneffe
Château de Seneffe

The elegance of the Château de Seneffe

I was quite taken by the charm of the 18th-century Château de Seneffe. This neoclassical castle includes a theater, orangery, aviary, and a sprawling 22-hectare park. I strolled through the picturesque French garden, crossed the romantic bridge to the island, and watched dragonflies and damselflies swoop and hover over the pond. The grandeur of the Seneffe estate is thanks to Julien Depestre, an affluent 18th-century merchant and banker. His fortune built the elegant country house that stands as the estate’s crown jewel.

Château de Seneffe
The theater in the grounds

The splendor of the Silverware Museum

A highlight of my visit was definitely the Château de Seneffe’s Silverware Museum. It really is a dazzling collection of silverware. Curated by passionate collectors Claude D’Allemagne and Juliette Rémy, this remarkable collection was generously donated to the Ministry of the French Community of Belgium. It now forms one of Belgium’s largest and most impressive silverware collections.

Opened in 1995, the museum offers an immersive experience with over 500 stunning pieces displayed in themed rooms. I was expecting the typical exhibits with lengthy descriptions. But I was pleasantly surprised to find myself immersed instead in multisensory displays. I was encouraged to imagine the aroma of freshly poured chocolate as I admire a collection of silver chocolate pots, or watch captivating videos that bring the Grand Salon’s history to life.

The fascination of open-air art

Each spring and summer, the park transforms into a venue for various events. In 2024 you can embark on a cultural journey called Bon Voyage. Along a route through the park, six artists have placed their works. This unique exhibition explores the theme of movement between dream and reality, offering a perfect blend of nature and art. Meet the artists:

Hoze: Originally a street artist, Hoze now crafts animal sculptures. His swan sculpture embodies the journey of migratory birds and the deep symbolism of the swan in mythology.

Hoze at Château de Seneffe

Caroline Van Assche: From La Louvière, Van Assche’s full-scale sculpture delves into the nature of displacement and the role of memory in travel.

Caroline Van Assche at Château de Seneffe
Caroline Van Assche

Quentin Rivage: A local talent from Seneffe, Rivage works with wood to create a thought-provoking piece inspired by the origins of the world.

Quentin Rivage at Château de Seneffe
Quentin Rivage

Daniel Fauville: Residing in Thuin, Fauville’s sculpted boat invites you to navigate the riverbanks, imagining architectural wonders along the way.

Daniel Fauaville at Château de Seneffe
Daniel Fauville

Pierre-Alexandre Rémy: From the Loire’s banks, Rémy’s tree-hung sculpture reflects his personal journey, questioning the relationship between creation and its environment.

Château de Seneffe Bon Voyage
Pierre-Alexandre Rémy

Elsa Tomkowiak: Hailing from Douarnenez, Tomkowiak’s vibrant chromatic box and flags on the water create a dialogue, inviting you to traverse the large water basin.

Elsa Tomkowiak at Château de Seneffe
Elsa Tomkowiak

A visit to remember

The Domaine and Château de Seneffe offer a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary artistry. I was particularly drawn by the exquisite silverware, the grandeur of the castle, and the enchanting gardens. It’s well worth a visit.

How to find the Château de Seneffe

Château de Seneffe is located about 50 km south of Brussels in Hainaut province, almost equidistant between Charleroi and Mons. Find it on Google Maps, and here is their website.

Château de Seneffe

Where to stay in the area

If you are looking for overnight accommodation near Château de Seneffe I have done some initial research for you and can recommend the following:

There’s plenty of alternative overnight accommodation in the area though. Use this link to search for others in the area:

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