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Children’s Farms in Belgium

children's farm

Our children loved visiting a children’s farm when were they were little. Stroking rabbits, holding guinea pigs, feeding a newborn lamb, chasing chickens, coming face-to-face with a cow … I quite enjoyed doing these things myself too.

If you are looking for a children’s farm in Belgium, you are spoilt for choice. I’ve done a little research and I’ve come across 40 – and I’m sure I haven’t found all of them. Here are six that caught my eye:

The full list of 40 children’s farms in Belgium is in an e-Book that I’m selling for just 4.99 EUR. It covers 550 children’s outdoor activities in Belgium. So in addition to children’s farms it covers adventure playgrounds, forest play areas, train rides, railbikes, trampolining, minigolf, recreation centers, canoeing, caves, climbing walls, and much more.

In other words, plenty of suggestions for many days of fun outside in the coming months.

To discover more details, go here.

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