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Cycling into Hageland. Why no picnic benches outside Horst Castle?

Regular followers of this blog will know that I love the Flemish Cycling Interchange Network, which you can find online at Fietsnet. And you’ll also know that when I go cycling from my home in Kortenberg I like to head towards Leuven and then north along the canal to Mechelen and even beyond towards Antwerp. Well, recently I decided to head towards Leuven and then continue east into Hageland. I was not disappointed.

Arriving at junction 93 north of Leuven, I cycled south towards junction 33 on the outskirts of the city. Following the arrows through a city is not easy. You have to concentrate on the traffic so it’s easy to miss a sign, which is what I did a couple of times. But eventually I was back on the open road and heading through Kessel-Lo towards junction 84. From there it was easy-going through some delightful countryside following junctions 20, 22 and 96.

Then I turned north and headed via junctions 97 and 98 to 65 and Horst Castle. I was a bit disappointed there weren’t any nice benches to sit on and eat my picnic lunch, but found one in neighbouring Sint-Pieters-Rode.

On the way back I followed junctions 63, 64, 66, 30, 35 and 31, which brought me back to the Leuven-Mechelen Canal and homeward bound. Altogether it was a tour of 80 km which took me 6½ hours. I would have completed it earlier but on the return leg the fierce westerly wind was pushing me backwards!

Here’s a map of my route. And here’s some photos of my day out in Hageland:

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2 thoughts on “Cycling into Hageland. Why no picnic benches outside Horst Castle?”

  1. Denzil,
    Another potentially useful site. “”
    What wonderful weather lately to do anything outside including to ride!
    My wife (in a weak moment) agreed to go from Leuven on the canal to Mechelen Sat. Nice 50 km

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