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A guide to farm crops

a guide to farm crops

Do you ever wander and wonder? I do.

I often wander through the fields and wonder what the farm crops all around me are.

I wonder whether the field of grain crops in front of me is barley or wheat? Or could it be rye or oats perhaps? Or is that mountain of root vegetables sugar beet, swedes or something else?

I then turn my mind to think of crops in other parts of the world, and wonder what rice plants look like, or sorghum, or a field of alfalfa or cotton or tea.

All these questions have led me to produce a 32-page eBook called “How to Identify Farm Crops.”

What crops does it cover?

  • Cereal crops (9): Wheat, barley, rye, oats, rice, maize (corn), sorghum, millet, canary grass.
  • Forage crops (4): Clover, lucerne (alfalfa), fodder beet, swedes.
  • Industrial crops (12): Flax, sugar beet, oilseed rape, soybean, potato, coffee, tea, cotton, rubber, hops, tobacco, industrial hemp.

Each crop is illustrated with photos of the plant, flower, seed, bean as appropriate. For example, photos clearly show the differences between wheat, barley, rye and oats. A short description gives the main features of each plant to look out for. And there is some background information on the global importance of that farm crop. Here’s one page as an example:

The Guide to Farm Crops is available as a 32-page eBook for the price of only 4.99 EUR. To purchase, simply click on the link below. You can pay via a card, PayPal, Bancontact etc.

You will then have an easy-to-use guide that you can put on your phone and pull it out when you come across a farm crop that you don’t know.

It would also be useful for children too. It would certainly make a “boring” walk in the countryside more enjoyable, entertaining and educational.

On this subject, I also have an eBook called ”Children’s Outdoor Activities in Belgium”, also available for only 4.99 EUR.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Thank you! Denzil

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17 thoughts on “A guide to farm crops”

  1. Thank you Denzil. I’m buying one. This is a very useful book for everyone. Even those of us living in the countryside feel disconnected from our food sources these days.

  2. Things always become more interesting when you can identify them, so this is a great idea Denzil. TBH I would prefer a paperback, as am so old school, let me know when the print edition is out ?

      1. So happy to get this! I’m always curious about crops I see and have been known to take pictures to ID on a plant website. This is much better!

        1. Oh it’s superb, just downloaded it. Really like the comparison of the 4 together for those challenging common cereals! Only 2 thoughts from me: be great to see pics of the cereals when they are in the early stages of growth, and if you ever have a moment do add lupins. They still grow them here in Portugal!!

          1. Thanks a lot Becky! Lupins as a crop? Goodness I didn’t know that. What do they use them for in Portugal? Animal feed, like lucerne perhaps?

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