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First World War Quiz

First World War Quiz

Welcome to the Discovering Belgium Quiz on the First World War.

The objective of this First World War Quiz is not just to see how much we know (or don’t know!) about this topic, but to inform us all on some of the events from 1914-18. I certainly learned a lot from preparing the questions, and I hope you do from answering them. And I hope that whether you are a war expert or not, you enjoy the quiz and find it stimulating and enjoyable.

Good luck with this First World War Quiz! Feel free to share your score and what you think of it in the comments below.

The First World War Quiz

How much do you know about the First World War in Belgium? Answer these 20 questions and find out!

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38 thoughts on “First World War Quiz”

    1. Considering you are not Belgian, you don’t live in Flanders, you don’t have history PhDs, and I don’t think you were born in that era: it’s excellent!

    1. 16 points here, but feeling better about that knowing your score ;-). There are indeed some tough questions in there!

  1. 15 out of 20 – better than I thought. It was a hard one…

    But also thought provoking and fun – I give your quiz 20 out of 20, Denzil!

  2. A fascinating quiz but only 10/20. Mainly thanks to War poets knowledge but have visited many of the sites in Belgium and the Last Post at Ypres.

  3. 11/20 just proves that one should always go with the first answer that comes into your head. Changed my mind 4 times. BTW the answer about why Australians are called Diggers is actually because when the ANZAC’s landed at Gallipoli the word came up the cliffs to “dig dig dig until you are safe”.

    1. Thanks Glen, yes I saw that as a possible explanation, but even before Gallipoli they were called Diggers apparently, from Australians’ exploits in South Africa, the Boer War and their gold mining activities.

  4. 16/20
    … historical interest…and have been watching some WW1 videos on YouTube recently. 1 cousin killed at Paschendaele.

  5. Wow. I thought I knew something about the subject, but learnt lots too. Which is great. Thank you. Only got 12/20.

  6. 19/20….gutted! I know of John Condon aged 14, and Valentine John Strudwick, but forgot the young Australian killed on
    HMAS Sydney aged 12. As a battlefield tour guide, I should have got them all… gutted!

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