Floralia: The Bold and the Beautiful

Floralia Brussels

Enjoy the wonderful sight of over 1 million flowering bulbs in the grounds of the Castle of Groot-Bijgaarden

If you love spring flowers – and who doesn’t? – then a couple of hours walking around the Castle of Groot-Bijgaarden on the eastern outskirts of Brussels will be time very well spent.

Every year the Castle grounds look resplendent with a wonderful display of over 500 different types of flowering bulbs, including 400 tulip varieties. Apparently over one million bulbs have been planted in the grounds – all by hand! (My back is aching at the thought of it!)

More information is here: Floralia 2018, which is open from 6 April to 6 May.

In the meantime, here are some lovely photos by my friend Reece, who visited the exhibition last year.

Thanks Reece!


9 thoughts on “Floralia: The Bold and the Beautiful”

    1. Wow, the warm weather did the trick! There were clearly a lot more flowers in bloom than the previous weekend, Denzil! I`ve got to get my photos posted…and I hope to return for more 🙂

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