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FLOW: Brussels’ only open-air swimming pool

FLOW Brussels open air swimming pool

Do you fancy splashing around in the water on a hot summer’s day in Brussels? Would you like somewhere clean and safe to take the children to cool off? (Yes, I know all this depends on the weather improving, but let’s remain hopeful!). Then you need to book some time at FLOW in Brussels.

FLOW Brussels

The only public outdoor pool in Brussels

With its dimensions of 17 x 7 meters and located near to the canal in Anderlecht, FLOW  is the only outdoor swimming opportunity for everyone in Brussels. On the sun decks you can warm up after swimming, enjoy the atmosphere around the pool, and get a cool drink from the kiosk. You can book a time slot two days in advance, either online or at the pool. Prior reservation is necessary to guarantee a pleasant and safe experience for all swimmers. Booking for free swimming classes is also possible.

Flow Brussels open air swimming pool

Open all year round

The FLOW swimming pool near to the canal in Anderlecht is open every day throughout the summer. What’s more, unlike in previous years, FLOW will no longer close once the summer season is over: it will welcome visitors all year round. And yes, that includes the winter!

New this year: FLOW CHAUD sauna

New for 2024 is the FLOW CHAUD sauna. This facility is expected to be very popular, especially considering the traditionally fickle Belgian weather, when a hot sauna can come in very handy! The sauna will also be open in autumn and winter too, although with more limited opening times.

A conscious decision was made to heat the sauna electrically in order for FLOW to remain a pioneer in terms of sustainability. The entire FLOW site, from the water filters to the sauna, is powered by locally generated green electricity, via energy platform Bolt. The energy is generated in Gougnies, Wallonia, at a hydroelectricity plant.

More than just swimming

FLOW is also much more than simply swimming. It offers a full program of other activities such as yoga, qi gong, and aquagym classes, morning group swims, women’s-only swimming slots, and a varied program of music and art performances. You can experience this while swimming and in the evening.

FLOW open air swimming Brussels

Summer opening hours (1 July 2024 – 31 August 2024)

General swimming:

  • Monday: 12h15 – 19h00
  • Tuesday: 08h30 – 10h00 & 12h15 – 19h00
  • Wednesday: 12h15 – 18h15
  • Thursday: 08h30 – 10h00 & 12h15 – 19h00
  • Friday: 12h15 – 19h00
  • Saturday: 13h00 – 19h00
  • Sunday: 12h15 – 19h00


  • Tuesday: 16h00 – 20h30
  • Thursday: 16h00 – 20h30
  • Friday: 16h00 – 20h30
  • Saturday: 14h30 – 19h00


  • Wednesday: 18h30 – 19h30

Reservations and more information

Reservations can be made via the general booking page of FLOW 2024. The website also covers additional information. The address of FLOW is Rue de la Petite Île 14, 1070 Anderlecht.

Open air swimming in Anderlecht, Brussels

Where to stay in west Brussels

If you are considering an overnight in this western part of Brussels, here are some highly rated B&Bs within reach of FLOW:

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