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Gasoline Lollipops: ready to set fire to Belgium

Gasoline Lollipops

I don’t usually write about music on Discovering Belgium. However, when I was contacted by Gasoline Lollipops, a Colorado band playing in Belgium and the Netherlands from November 15 to December 3, I was intrigued. I listened to their music, liked what I heard, and decided to spread the word. I asked their drummer Adam Perry to give me a bit of background to the group:

How would you describe Gasoline Lollipops?

“On our website we describe ourselves as an alt-country band from Colorado that combines the sincerity of modern folk with the energy and rebelliousness of punk. The Denver Post described us recently as “the Coen Brothers and Nick Cave holed up in Nashville after a near-death experience,” which we also like. We see ourselves as an all-new incarnation of alt-country that is both high-energy and heartfelt. The band members bond over friendship and a love of many different styles of music, but I think that sort of explosive, unwieldy melting pot feels like the meaning of America to me.”


What’s the theme of your new album Resurrection?

“The lyrics deal a lot with frontman Clay Rose’s successful battle with various addictions. It’s the third of a trilogy of albums, following in the footsteps of Dawn and Death.”

What’s the origin of your name?

“Clay says the name came to him years ago. The words were probably on fire in his brain. And many years later, the name found a home.”

Do you style your music on any other groups?

“I don’t think there is a band that we sound exactly like, but there are certainly artists whose songwriting and performance styles have been a big inspiration, and that includes everything from classic heroes like Leonard Cohen and Townes Van Zandt to high-energy heroes like Rancid, Operation Ivy and Gogol Bordello.”


Why are you coming to Belgium and the Netherlands?

“Our friends Casey Prestwood and the Burning Angels played in Belgium recently and came back saying how amazing the people were, how beautiful the country was and how much fun they had. So we are blessed with the chance to bring Colorado music to Belgium and the Netherlands and make a lot of new friends. Plus, I am not going to miss out on the chance to rent a bike and ride some classic Belgian climbs pretending I’m Eddy Merckx.”

Here’s the Gasoline Lollipops playing Love is Free from their new album:

Where to catch them

  • Nov 15: Archipel, Brussels
  • Nov 16: Café Heuvelzicht, Essen
  • Nov 17: Charlie Rockets Bar, Bruges
  • Nov 18: Bikoro, Retie
  • Nov 19: Cafe ‘t Spektakel, Asten, the Netherlands
  • Nov 21: Café Rue Mour, Rijkevorsel
  • Nov 22: Cafe Honky Tonk, Brielle, the Netherlands
  • Nov 23: Den Tip, Vorselaar
  • Nov 24: Staminee De Crawaett, Lille
  • Nov 25: Kaffee de Bonnefooi, Dinteloord, the Netherlands
  • Nov 26: Ace Café, Rumst
  • Nov 28: Jazzoet, Mol
  • Nov 29: Café Den Brigand, Herentals
  • Nov 30: De Blauwe Koe, Bornem
  • Dec 1: Cafe Scooters, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands
  • Dec 2: Hendrick’s Pub, Alphen Aan Den Rijn, the Netherlands
  • Dec 3: Den Bromfiets, Bonheiden

This is Soul Mine. Gasoline Lollipops’ frontman Clay Rose describes developing this tune “as digging in the ‘soul mine’, throwing out what’s no longer of value, polishing the gems that are, and occasionally striking a brand new vein of gold.”

28 thoughts on “Gasoline Lollipops: ready to set fire to Belgium”

  1. Wonderful share Denzil, and i enjoyed listening to their music you provided And an interesting band name, and loved reading the interview. I am sure hearing them live was a treat. 🙂

  2. You run an interesting blog, Denzil, but uou’ve been holding out on us, just now we learn you’re a powerhouse impresario!! Very cool.
    That Denver Post reviewer “done good” – – the Coen Bros/Nick Cave/Nashville-Near-Death-Experience (which would be another good name for a band) is very apt. I don’t think the lead singer would mind too much if people mentioned Johnny Case and Lyle Lovett, too. Some songs remind me a bit of the first albums from Jason and the Scorchers, also an excellent band, in the ‘80’s (yep, raiding my dad’s collection). It’s disconcerting at first, on a couple of the videos, to hear a low Western prospector/Tom Waits growl, coming out of a lead singer that appears to be pretty young. Really good band. Have a great weekend!
    P.S. I’m loading up and moving to Boston today, I hope to hear a lot of great music there, that town has produced some interesting bands.

    1. Ha, thanks for the compliment Robert but an impresario I am not! More an undercover backstreet publicity guy. Yes it reminded me of Tom Waits too. Have fun in Boston. I know the Pixies are from Boston, but beyond that I don’t know any others.

  3. This was a really fun post, Denzil.The Gasoline Lollipops have a terrific sound – I had to go all the way to Belgium to hear a Colorado band – metaphorically speaking. My son and his wife used to live in Boulder, CO, the eastern front range of the Rockies and a fabulous city. It’s a little bit country and a little bit brain trust and completely beautiful and a whole lot down home comfortable place.

    1. Thanks for painting a vivid picture of Boulder, Sharon. If I ever join Gasoline Lollipops (do they need a pianist who plays Haydn?) I’m sure I’ll get to know the place very well.

      1. Adam, sorry if my reply was confusing, but I did understand you’re from Boulder. I live in So Cal; the son who used to live in Boulder now lives in Santa Clara, CA. Unfortunately, I’m not able to see your band perform in Europe. Wishing you a wonderful tour.

  4. Nice interview, Denzil, and pretty amazing that they contacted you for a write-up. Did you get tickets for the show as well. Will be interesting and fun! They sound intriguing. I like it! That second clip sounds a bit like Cohen. And, funny thing is that we were just in Colorado for a month-long house sit and traveled through all the scenery (most must have been filmed in Utah) of the “Love is free” video clip, including the Green River delta, last month!!

    1. That’s amazing that you recognize the scenery in the video Liesbet! Yes I have free tickets to one of their gigs; I haven’t decided which one to go to yet though.

      1. Really Denzel?
        Please tell me they’re going to Cairns? My son & his friends there would love this band. Brilliant music.
        Thanks for the post and alert for the tour. I’m going to try and be at the Rijkevorsel gig.

  5. Oh, darn! I don’t have a great connection to the Internet here, Denzil, and I can’t access the videos. If I remember when I’m back in the UK I’ll have a listen. 🙂

  6. Coolest band name! I talked about this group to my Colorado colleagues and they had never heard of them. I guess I’m equally unfamiliar with Belgian band playing in Colorado.

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