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LGBT-friendly churches in Belgium

The results of my small survey to discover LGBT-affirming churches in Belgium

Moving to another country often involves finding a new church. For internationals, an English-speaking church is often a first point of call, especially when your French or Dutch language skills are pretty basic.

The good news is that throughout Belgium there are many English-speaking churches of different denominations. This of course can present its own challenges: finding a church that suits you and maybe also your partner and/or children can be a balancing act as you juggle all kinds of personal and family preferences.

If you are looking for a list of most English-speaking churches in Belgium, a good place to start is the Churches Together website.

However, if you are an LGBT Christian, the choice isn’t so straightforward. You will already probably have realized that not all Christian churches are LGBT-friendly. The level of antagonism towards LGBT Christians can vary. Unfortunately, some churches in Belgium, while saying they welcome gay and lesbian Christians, will prevent them from participating in the sacraments, leading public prayer, teaching in the Sunday School, or singing in the choir, and could subject the Christians to some form of conversion therapy.

My own little survey

In 2015 I carried out a small survey of my own. I wrote to all the English-speaking churches listed on the Churches Together website, and asked them what their policy is on welcoming LGBT Christians to their church and encouraging participation in church groups and activities. I also asked them if they wanted to be listed on Discovering Belgium as an LGBT-friendly church.

I was delighted to get a few replies from genuinely LGBT-affirming churches. They stated categorically that were LGBT-friendly, and that a person’s sexuality would have no impact on them taking a full part in all church activities. These are listed below.

As to the others: one church contacted me by telephone and said that they warmly welcome gay and lesbian Christians but participation would “depend on lifestyle.” This clearly shows that a “welcoming church” is not necessarily an “affirming church.”

Most churches, however, did not reply. Some of these are evangelical churches which I know are not LGBT-friendly through negative experiences I have heard about; others seem to pursue a strategy of silence.

Here is the list of LGBT-friendly churches in Belgium:

It’s a small list, unfortunately, especially considering that I wrote to nearly 50 churches.

If your church is not on the list and you believe should be; please just drop me a line and I will be happy to include your church.

What is an LGBT-affirming church?

An affirming church places no restrictions on people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and/or Queer; they are encouraged and enabled to participate and lead at all levels of church leadership and liturgy if that is their wish. Such a policy is clearly communicated, for example on the church website. Generic “we are inclusive” or “we welcome all” statements do not count.

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