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Mechels Broek, Muizen

Explore the nature reserve of Mechels Broek. It’s a delightful country walk to the south of Mechelen.

Here’s another idea for a morning or afternoon walk in the peaceful countryside just south of Mechelen.

How to access Mechels Broek?

By public transport, Muizen railway station is very convenient. If you’re coming by car, a good spot to park is along the Muizenhoekstraat, 2812 Mechelen, for example near no. 10. Just along from there (to the west) is a signpost and path leading north into the fields:

The footpath is well maintained, and goes through the small wood you can see in the distance in the photograph and then alongside some meadows. What’s great is that the meadows are real, natural meadows with wild flowers and butterflies, and not industrially cultivated and therefore barren fields. So you stand a good chance of seeing some interesting insects. Here’s a few I came across:

Small Copper butterfly
Clouded Yellow butterfly
Large Marsh Grasshopper

Carry on and you will come to a small bridge over a stream called the Boiemeerbeek:

The Boiemeerbeek

The footpath continues along the right-hand side of this stream, and it’s a very lovely walk. At this time of the year, take a basket or bag with you as there are lots of tasty blackberries in the hedgerows here. Or take a picnic and enjoy the blackberries as a dessert after your sandwiches! There’s a nice bench with a good view:

Elevenses, Lunch, or Afternoon Tea?

Depending on the time you have available, you could retrace your steps, or go on further and complete a circular walk of around 5 km. For example, on the map at the 1 km mark you can turn left and walk between the lakes of the Mechels Broek, along the River Dijle, and back along Muizenhoekstraat.

Let me know how you get on, and what insects you have spotted.

Busy bee

23 thoughts on “Mechels Broek, Muizen”

  1. Nice photos! I love wild blackberries, although where I grew up, they’re kind of rare, and it’s much more common to find black raspberries, which are smaller but also very delicious. It’s very nice to be able to take a walk in a place where dessert is provided!!

  2. Great post. I’m jealous of how well you and Andrea (Harvesting Hecate) know your local flora and fauna. Once I get past robins, squirrels, rabbits, oaks and maples, geraniums and chrysanthemums, I can say bird, flower or tree.

  3. The close ups of the critters are amazing – so much detail and color. I really enjoy seeing all the images of water – you nearly always have some kind of water feature in your photographs. So very pretty.

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