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The Most Beautiful Photo Locations in Belgium

A gorgeous yet highly practical book to help enthusiastic photographers discover the best places to practice their craft in Belgium.

Your camera is ready. You’ve created some time in your agenda. You’re ready to explore Belgium and take some beautiful photos. But where to go? How to get there? What time of the day is best? And what could you expect to photograph there?

This is where this book will prove extremely useful, because photographer Bart Heirweg has done all the preparation for you. He’s produced a beautiful book entitled “De Mooiste Fotolocaties van België: 50 plekken die je gezien moet hebben” (The Most Beautiful Photo Locations in Belgium: 50 places you must have seen).

With his years of experience and extensive knowledge of nature and photography, he has chosen 50 top photo locations in Belgium. His objective is to help you go home with the best photos.

(C) Bart Heirweg

What’s in the book?

  • 51 top locations and 370 GPS coordinates with exact starting points and the closest car park
  • Descriptions of 250 animal and plant species and where you can photograph them
  • More than 300 practical camera tips to always have at hand
  • Material advice per location
  • Example photos with camera settings
  • Numerous links with extra information & useful apps

“With the increasing interest to enjoy staycations, this book is a reminder that you don’t have to  travel far to discover impressive nature. The beauty of Belgium is really undervalued,” says Bart. I wholeheartedly agree with him.

(C) Bart Heirweg

The Most Beautiful Photo Locations in Belgium is in Dutch so a basic understanding of that language is necessary. However, the maps are self-explanatory and the use of icons is helpful. Naturally, Bart’s beautiful photographs are an inspiration, in whatever language!

De Mooiste Fotolocaties van België can be bought for 34.95 euros and is available via the photographer’s website and various local points of sale.

(C) Bart Heirweg

I covered one of Bart’s other books – Silent Fields – a few years ago. It focused on the most evocative war memorials and battlefields in Flanders Fields. It’s now sold out, but looking at the photos may give your further inspiration.

For the enthusiastic amateur photographer, Bart also offers a range of photography workshops through the year. Some of these are available in English on request.

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