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Belgium News Quiz 2023

Belgium News Quiz 2023

Belgian News Quiz 2023

Did you follow the news in Belgium in 2023? Here are ten news items that you may have missed, including some quite bizarre stories. Tackle these ten questions and see how many you know. They are multiple choice questions, so you have a 1 in 4 chance of making the correct guess! 

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If anyone would like to see a quiz on a particular topic related to Belgium, just let me know.


9 thoughts on “Belgium News Quiz 2023”

  1. I loved this quiz. I hadn’t heard of any of these curious news snippets, so I tried to reason out the most likely answers from the options given. I got 6 out of 10 correct 🙂

  2. I celebrated my annual flunking of your quiz. But still enjoyed it, Denzil.
    We don’t have metric pebbles here, so our stone-skimming can only be measured in leaps, bounds, chains and yards. And the chains not only clank but get awfully rusty.

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