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What Parks & Gardens in Belgium are open Easter weekend 2018?

Coloma Garden Belgium

These six delightful gardens in Belgium are worth visiting at any time of the year!

Easter 2018 may be a little earlier than usual, but some parks and gardens in Belgium are already opening their doors and hoping for some sunshine to show off their colourful displays. Here are six of the best.

Kalmthout Arboretum

Located near Antwerp, from 31 March to 30 April the focus is very much on their flowering cherries, and you can follow a cherry route. However, there’s a lot of other plants to see, and their magnolias will soon be blooming. Entrance fee €7. More info here. If you would like to know a little about the history of the arboretum and some of its special plants, you can read this article which I wrote a few years ago for a Belgian newspaper.

Pieris japonica in Kalmthout Arboretum

Annevoie Gardens

One of my favourite Belgian gardens, the water gardens of Annevoie opens this year on Easter Sunday with a chocolate Easter Egg hunt. Entrance fee €8.20. More info here.

Annevoie Gardens Belgium
The beauty of Annevoie: and all without a single electric pump!

Japanese Garden Hasselt

A delightful and calm place to walk around and enjoy the water, the plants and the peace. The Japanese cherries should be in full bloom over Easter. Entrance fee €5. More info here.


Ooidonk Castle Garden Fair

During Easter weekend 2018, the annual “Lifestyle Garden Fair” will take place in the park of Ooidonk Castle in Deinze, East Flanders. Lovers of gardens, nature and home decoration will find more than 100 exhibitors of plants, forgotten vegetables, regional products, furniture, home & garden decoration, garden antiques, and more. Open 10:00 to 18:30. Entrance fee €8.50. More information here.


Castle Freyr Gardens

As far as I know, nothing special is planned for Easter, but the castle and gardens are open from Easter Sunday so you can enjoy the walled terraced gardens, the fountains, the 300-year old orange trees, 6 km of hornbeam hedge mazes etc. Entrance fee €8.50. More info here.

Wespelaar Arboretum

In Flemish Brabant province near Haacht, this beautifully landscaped arboretum containts 2,000 trees and shrubs. Its speciality is its 192 species of Magnolia. It opens this year on Easter Sunday. Entrance fee €5. More info here.

Wespelaar 1

If you have other suggestions, don’t hesitate to add them in the comments below.


36 thoughts on “What Parks & Gardens in Belgium are open Easter weekend 2018?”

  1. Wow, we’re so envious, here in the northeast U.S., this all looks absolutely beautiful!
    I like the shot of the Pieris japonica – – it’s such a neat shrub, because you enjoy the blossoms, and then the new growth is such a vivid red, it’s almost like a second series of blooms.
    “Discovering Belgium” has really been effective, I’m determined to visit your adopted country, next time I’m in Europe.

    1. Thanks Robert, I am glad you enjoy my blog. Sometimes I’m tempted to say that not all Belgium is as beautiful as in my blog posts! You seem to know your Pieris. Do you grow them yourself in your garden?

      1. I feel the same way about my region of New York – – there’s beautiful lakes, hills, forests, and streams, and I want to present things in the best light, but there’s also a lot of tumbledown hamlets and shuttered businesses. Quite a lot of the woodlands exist, because the government bought clapped-out farms during the Depression and replanted them.

      1. We spent a rather damp day at Studley Royal in Yorkshire a while ago. It didn’t entirely ruin the experience, but most things are better when the sun shines. 🙂

    1. Thanks Carrie. Yes it’s amazing how popular this particular Japanese export is in Europe. Is it the same in the States too? Do you have a lot of Japanese gardens?

    1. Unfortunately the forecast is not looking too good for the weekend over here Brigid, although things can change. Hope you are enjoying your own garden in the “springier” weather!

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