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It’s Quiz Time again!

Test and improve your general knowledge of Belgium with the 3rd Discovering Belgium Quiz!

Following the popularity of the first and second Discovering Belgium quizzes, here is the third one. It has 15 general knowledge questions on various aspects of Belgium such as sport, politics, science, art, nature and current events. Feel free to share on social media (you can hide your score if you want to). Have fun!

The 3rd Discovering Belgium Quiz


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29 thoughts on “It’s Quiz Time again!”

  1. My score was rubbish as well but I did learn some interesting facts to bring up at the next dinner party, whenever that might be. 🙂 That’s an impressive coastal tram line!

  2. 7, mostly guesses. Two I got wrong before I could even read the question because when I selected Next, if I didn’t move my hand from the iPad screen quickly enough I accidentally selected an answer. So I like to think I would have got those two right, which promotes me to 9 really. 🙂

  3. Did you put that question about the coastal tram in especially for me? That was one of the three I got correct and the other two were guesses. 🙂 These quizzes are fun and I’m learning something about Belgium every time.

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