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Quiz on Belgium

Discovering Belgium Quiz

The 1st Discovering Belgium Quiz!

How well do you think you know Belgium? Answer these 10 multiple-choice questions to find out. And remember, there’s one great way to improve your knowledge about Belgium. If you haven’t already, subscribe to Discovering Belgium to get up-to-date info on this fascinating country. 

And did you know that a 2nd Discovering Belgium Quiz is already out? Bookmark 2nd quiz and head on over there when you’ve completed this first one. 

And if you have any suggestions on how to make these quizzes better, just drop me a line.


48 thoughts on “Quiz on Belgium”

              1. I haven’t checked this, but I’m pretty sure Eleanor and Franklin were distant cousins. Eleanor is one of my mother’s favorite heroes. I visited Hyde Park, their home in the Hudson valley, and it was very interesting
                And an interesting marriage, too.

                1. Looking at the map, you seem to be a distance away from New York city. But still too close for comfort. Do you have a lot of virus cases where you are?

                  1. In my hometown, I think just one case so far, Seneca County made the news as the last county in the state for the virus to show. But I’m living in Milwaukee now, 900 confirmed so far, over 1700 for the state, and 30 deaths so far. I’ve been working from home for two weeks.
                    How’s it going in your area of Belgium?

                    1. It’s fairly evenly spread through the country. 16k cases, 1k deaths. Waiting for the curve to flatten seems to be everyone’s thoughts everywhere..

                      1. Milwaukee has a nice network of walking paths, some railtrails, etc. but they’re currently too crowded, and a lot of walkers/runners haven’t gotten the “distancing” memo, and are packed pretty closely. Yes, we’re definitely eager to see that curve flatten & start down the other way. Stay well, Denzil.

        1. I got 11/12 amazingly! I’ve lived here long enough! Didn’t know what was thrown at a politician. A couple of lucky guesses too!

        2. Thanks for this, Denzil. Nice idea. I got 7 out of 12 – I consider it as a pass mark 🙂 Two suggestions. A sentence or two of explanation when the answer is revealed would make the quiz even more interesting. Another suggestion came to mind at the introductory page to the quiz. There was a picture of a cruise boat on a canal, I think it was in Brugge. How about a picture quiz – guess where in Belgium? Keep up the good work. I love your blog!

          1. Great suggestions Tonio, thanks. Also for the compliment. The response has been highly positive so I’ll definitely repeat, with improvements. Hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

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