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How to rent a studio in Brussels

With a bulging youthful population, you can easily find studios to rent in Brussels. They are suitable for single and young students as well as for young professionals who prefer to have their own space and privacy.

In Brussels, you can easily find a furnished studio apartment to rent. This helps reduce the hassle of having to buy your own furniture when you could easily move from one European capital to another in a moment’s notice.

Where can I rent a studio in Brussels?

Unlike living in a shared apartment, when you rent a studio in Brussels, you have your own space. You can live comfortably without having to mind that you have other roommates. If you are a student, the small space offered by a studio is all you need to live and study comfortably.

Brussels studios
Image by Joaquin Aranoa from Pixabay

Available in different neighborhoods

A quick online search for rental studios in Brussels will show that you can find them anywhere in the city. This is an advantage for anyone who needs to be close to a particular place and live affordably.


Another reason that studios are in high demand is their affordability. Compared to other types of housing, studios offer lots of value for money. They accord you privacy, comfort and convenience. With all these advantages, the amount of rent charged on studios in Brussels is highly favorable and affordable for many students and professionals.

Ease of cleaning

With their small size, studios are quickly and easily cleaned and tidied up. Everything you need is within reach.

You can easily stand at the kitchen sink to wash and dry your dishes as you watch your favorite movie. In addition, you can clean the whole house in minutes, saving on unnecessary service charges to have someone clean your house.

It can be furnished easily

Living in a studio in Brussels is an advantage as you can furnish it easily and quickly. As a young person or a person living alone in a studio, the most important piece of furniture that you need is a bed. After getting a bed, your studio apartment now has space for a simple table and a few chairs that you can use for studying or work.

Conclusion on how to rent a studio in Brussels

Studios are suitable for students, youthful professionals, couples who do not require much space and the occasional short stay rental for anyone who often travels for work.

With all the above advantages, the decision to rent a studio in Brussels is brilliant.

Featured image by Jochen Schaft from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “How to rent a studio in Brussels”

  1. If truly affordable for students, Belgium’s studios sound like a perfect option. Sadly, the same is not true for Los Angeles, where affordable studio rentals are hard to come by for college students, as well as young actors and artists seeking to make it in Hollywood.

  2. What a spectacular view of Brussels – I had no idea of the beauty of this great city. I’d love to spend a summer renting a studio in the city – what a creative opportunity that would be! I imagine I could get around easily on public transportation and not have to worry about owning a car – another terrific asset.

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