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The Lakes of Saint-Denis near Mons

A 9 km circular walk around the Lakes of Saint-Denis and surrounding countryside. It’s a few km north-east of Mons and close to the Château d’Havré if you wanted to make a day of it.

Starting point is the church in Saint-Denis, Rue de la Brisée, 7034 Mons, where there are some parking spots for your car. If you are on public transport, the nearest railway station is Obourg. From the bus stop (not at the station but nearby at Obourg Viaduc) bus 18 will take you to Saint-Denis rue Grand Coron which is the closest bus stop to the church. Or you could walk the 3 km from Obourg station to the starting point. I know that some of my readers work at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) near Mons, so this would be an ideal walk for you.

Here is the map which you can click to enlarge and also download as a PDF. The GPX route is available from my RouteYou page.

This is the second walk by Herman Vandecauter whom I introduced you to in the Millennium Tower walk.

Herman’s impressions of the Lakes of Saint-Denis

“Our original plan was to go Obourg to have a look at the old cement quarry lakes there. But when we arrived at the site, we found that access is denied. It seems to be a private area with no way to look over the lakes from nearby. Thankfully we had gone prepared with a Plan B which was in Saint-Denis, just 2 km away from Obourg.

“It was a most enjoyable walk, with temperatures up to an unseasonable (for early November) 18°C. It was also not busy at all, which we appreciated in these Covid-19 days when the more popular areas for walking are so crowded.

“There’s plenty to see on the walk. The ruins of an 11th century former Benedictine Abbey, founded in 1081. The small river l’Obrecheuil which flows into the Haine in Obourg. An attractive old mill constructed in 1777. Lakes created by earlier mining activities for quartzite stone. They are private but you can walk alongside them and enjoy good views over them and the surrounding woods.

“The village of Saint-Denis itself has a lot of very old, attractive houses and farms, cobblestone streets, and an absence of shops! Also nearby is the Clos de l’Abbaye vineyard with its 1,816 vines clinging to the steep 40% hillside.

“The last of the four ponds, however, is the pond of the laughing ducks. We could hear them from quite a distance away, although photographing them was a bit more difficult. All in all, a delightful country walk, ideal for families.”

Thanks Herman for sharing this delightful walk with us.

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