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Hiking on the High Fens from Signal de Botrange

Hikes in Hautes Fagnes Belgium

Hiking on the High Fens is a popular activity at all times of the year. Here I give five walks of different distances starting from the Signal de Botrange.

For a general introduction to the High Fens of Belgium I refer you to my post on Mont Rigi which also contains route descriptions and maps of four walks from that starting point. You could also start from Baraque Michel, in which case my post on two walks from Baraque Michel might be useful. In this post I go down the road a little to explore another area of the High Fens, with five walks varying from 5.5 km to 17 km starting from Signal de Botrange. And for some great insights into the benefits of hiking, check out this post from Brian.

What is Signal de Botrange?

The Signal of Botrange is the highest point of Belgium at an altitude of 694 meters. A wooden tower was built here in 1804 by the French Colonel Tranchot. In 1899 it was replaced by the Germans by a 30-meter tower, also made of wood, that was used to guard the border with Belgium. The tower disappeared in 1925 to make way for the current complex and the stone tower in 1934. The Botrange visitor centre offers information, a museum, shop, a brasserie, a children’s play area, and toilets. During COVID times some or all of these may not be open so it’s worth going prepared or checking in advance at All photos are by Discovering Belgium’s Roving Photographer Herman Vandecauter, who has visited the High Fens regularly over the years.

Botrange hiking routes

A family-friendly walk on the High Fens

This is a short introduction to the High Fens. It’s ideal for children and families. It should take you about an hour and a half. Click to enlarge the map which you can download as a PDF or get the GPX track from RouteYou.

This is one of the most popular hikes from Signal de Botrange. It heads north into the fens and around to Baraque Michel, where if it’s open you can take a rest or get something to eat. Then it heads south and circles back to the Signal de Botrange. Click on the map below to enlarge, download it as a PDF, and get the GPX track from RouteYou.


Slightly longer, the highlight of this walk is the Bayehon waterfall, where the Bayehon stream hurls itself into the depths, nine meters below. It’s a really beautiful and varying landscape of fir trees and moors, and you can greet the Old Oak (Vieux Chêne) which has been greeting travellers for centuries. Map to enlarge and download as a PDF. GPX track from RouteYou.


If you want to try and get away from people (not always easy in this area, especially at the weekends), then you might want to try this northern route from Signal de Botrange. Map to download as a PDF. GPX track from RouteYou.


Finally, here’s something for a whole day expedition. Make sure you take sufficient supplies for the day, and dress accordingly for the weather forecast. Map to enlarge and download as a PDF. GPX track from RouteYou.

I hope you enjoy your hike in the High Fens from Signal de Botrange. If you have any other routes you would like to share, drop me a line below or contact me. To get new hiking routes directly into your inbox, add your email in the box below. And if you find Discovering Belgium, please consider supporting it by buying me a (virtual) coffee. Thanks! Denzil

20 thoughts on “Hiking on the High Fens from Signal de Botrange”

    1. A lot of Belgians like their ski holidays Becky. Without this possibility, they head to where the snow is in Belgium, with chaos if they all choose the same places.

  1. Glorious pictures. I fell in love with the idea of fens when I first read about them ( probably in the Prince Valiant comic strip). People don’t stop to think about rules or guidelines if it precludes them from doing something they feel they are entitled to do,

  2. HI Denzil…
    I’m always amazed to see and read about the amazing diversity of natural landscapes Belgium has to offer the public. Most of the countries in which I’ve lived – and there are many lol – offer a very limited number of choices for those who want to walk and cycle away from busy highways. Enjoy living in such a wonderful place!

  3. I recently discovered this part of Belgium and fell in love with it, one feels far away from it all (although maybe not so much during the ski season?). We were there in April, still some snow but nothing like this, I’ll definitely aim to go back at different times of the year. Lovely photos, a lovely place.

    1. Thanks Sel, yes, despite Belgium being quite a crowded place, there are still areas where solitude reigns! Although as you point out, not in the skiing or high summer seasons.

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