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Tielt. A devil and a witch


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4 thoughts on “Tielt. A devil and a witch”

  1. I have an ancestor, Jacobus van Hollebeke, who died in 1719 in Tielt, and was, according to his death record, buried inside the sanctuary of the church he belonged to in Tielt. I am wondering if that church could be St Peter’s Church. Is there any evidence of such burials in this church? His spouse was Maria de Smedt.

    1. Next time I am in Tielt I will look into this Michael, as well as searching for your ancestor. If I come across any information on this, also from other readers, I will let you know.

      1. Denzil,

        Thank you very much for your response.

        If I am correct about my ancestor being buried inside the church sanctuary at St Peter’s Church [His Church-generated death record says that he is buried there], I am wondering if the usual rules about burials in Belgium apply. In an ordinary cemetery, burials are for a limited amount of time. Do you know if that rule would apply to someone buried inside a church sanctuary?

        If you are able to follow up on this matter, please check to see if you can find a burial for Jacobus Hollebeke inside the church sanctuary. If he is there, please also look for his wife, Maria de Smedt. If the burials are actually there, is it permissible to photograph the burial plot[s]? If the answer is yes, please do photograph them in high resolution and email to me at

        met danke,
        Michael Christiaens
        Saline, Michigan, USA

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