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The Vervet Forest in Brussels Natural History Museum

vervet monkey

On Thursday 8th February in the Natural History Museum of Brussels, Rue Vautierstraat 29, 1000 Brussels, the English-language documentary The Vervet Forest will be screened. It’s the story of five orphan baby monkeys and the struggle to save their forest home in South Africa. It will be followed by a discussion in English, French and Dutch.

The documentary brings to an end the temporary exhibition at the musuem called “MONKEYS”, which can be visited from 17.30 to 21.30. The documentary begins at 19.00.

Present will be Josie Du Toit, co-director and rehabilitator at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in Tzaneen, northern South Africa.

Tickets for entry to the musuem’s exhibition and the documentary cost 12 EUR.

The Vervet Forest

The film documents the arrival of five orphaned monkeys at the Vervet Monkey Foundation. It follows their growth into intelligent, playful juveniles until they are adopted by foster mother monkeys and integrated into one of the foundation’s existing troops.

Meanwhile, outside the foundation, the ever-evolving landscape of South Africa sparks conversations about the causes of monkey habitat destruction, the role of humans in a struggling ecosystem, and how understanding the connection between ourselves and our environment can inspire positive action.

Here’s a trailer:


23 thoughts on “The Vervet Forest in Brussels Natural History Museum”

  1. I watched all the videos because the baby vervets are adorable. This is a wonderful program. The young people involved in vervet care are really dedicated. I bet the program will be super interesting. Enjoy.

  2. There are some wonderful people about whose dedication is helping save so many animals in the world. Thank you for highlighting this programme and their plight..
    Have a beautiful week Denzil.
    Sue 🙂

  3. Capetown was just in the news, as they implement stringent water rationing – – as the human population continues to swell, the pressure on natural resources grows and grows. So very happy to learn of this foundation and preserve

  4. A great initiative, Denzil. I hope the exhibition and the movie drew a lot of interest and awareness. Unfortunately, it seems to always only reach people who already have an affiliation or concern with our planet. Cheers to spreading the word and making a difference!!

  5. Hope it went well Thursday, and hope even more that big businesses including large farms take note of small projects like this, and realise that a different approach to how they conduct their business will transform the environment and everyone’s lives for the better.

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