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Walking and cycling around Tielt-Winge

Discover Hageland

Three walks of varying distances plus a cycle route through the Hageland area of Flemish Brabant, centering around the village of Tielt-Winge

In my last blog post I introduced you to the Vlooyberg Tower, and I mentioned that I would describe some local walks in the area. So get your boots on, and here we go. I also add a cycling route if you prefer to be in the saddle.

6 km family stroll

We’ll start with a gentle circular walk of 6.4 km.

Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Starting point: Huize Hageland, Oudepastoriestraat 22, 3390 Tielt-Winge: junction 206.

Follow this route and you can visit the Vlooyberg Tower and then enjoy a stroll around the surrounding countryside. This route is ideal for a short family walk with children when you just have a couple of hours spare at the weekend.

The Vlooyberg Tower near Tielt-Winge
Stop off at the Vlooyberg Tower
Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Enjoy a panoramic view over the fields. On a clear day you might be able to see the Basilica of Scherpenheuvel-Zichem way in the distance
Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Return through the Walen Forest; the largest alder forest in Flanders (alder catkins in photo)
St Donatus Chapel
St. Donatus’ Chapel, built in 1869. St Donatus is the patron saint against thunder and lightning

12 km through the fruit orchards

Fancy stretching your legs a bit more? Here’s another circular walk starting from the Huize Hageland and again taking in the Vlooyberg Tower. But this one takes you south. Once you cross the N2 you will be deep among the fields, meadows and fruit orchards of the Hageland. Enjoy the views of the water tower of Meensel-Kiezegem and the Belgian Army’s satellite dishes.

Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Mistletoe infected trees
These blobs are actually mistletoe. Clearly these trees have been heavily infested by this parasite.
Mistletoe in close up
In the strong winds, some of the clusters had been blown off the trees.
Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
An attractive allotment
The water tower of Meensel-Kiezegem
The water tower at Meensel-Kiezegem during the spring

16 km with lunch at the Gempemolen

Got a whole day? Fancy lunch in a watermill restaurant halfway around? Then try this one.

Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium

You start from Huize Hageland in Tielt-Winge again, and walk to junction 238 where you will find the Gempemolen (Gempe mill). This is a pleasant and friendly small restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty meal. Or you can sit outside with your packed lunch.

Refreshed, replete, but hopefully not suffering from postprandial sleepiness, you can then return via a different route to your starting point.

Walking around Tielt-Winge in Flemish Brabant, Belgium

Or take the bike into Hageland?

Don’t forget that the Hageland is an outstanding area for cycling. It has a well structured cycling network, and the whole area is fairly quiet. While not traffic-free, once you are off the main roads you won’t encounter a lot of cars.

In the Vlooyberg Tower post I mentioned that it’s possible to rent a bike from Leuven railway station and set off on this 45 km to the Huize Hageland and back.

Cycling through Hageland from Leuven

Here are a few more details should you be interested in this cycling option. A good place to start is Velo. Contact Marie Vromans at and she can give you more details on prices of rental bikes.

Another possibility is Leuven Rides where you can hire a bike for 20 EUR a day. Or an electric bike for 30 EUR a day. Email

Of course you can take your own bike on the train to Leuven station, although I never find the whole process of buying a ticket for your bike (!) and taking a bike on a train entirely stress-free. The sooner that Belgian Railways makes it easier and cheaper to take your bike on the train, the better. If anyone has any tips on this topic, please share them!

I hope that one of these three walks around Tielt-Winge or the cycling possibility proves a perfect match for the time you have available and the distance you want to walk or cycle. Any questions, just drop me a line as always.

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  2. I had no idea mistletoe looks like an alien invasion, or Dr. Seuss illustration. I’ve only ever encountered it as a little sprig, hanging in entryways. Very interesting. And I like that tiny chapel at the crossroads, I wonder if there’s a story behind it – – I know people sometimes survive lightning strikes.
    The water mill restaurant looks like a great place to take a break, too, I’m looking forward to spring and being able to have meals outside.

    1. Yes, mistletoe is a nasty parasite. It’s spread by birds eating the berries, flying to a nearby tree and wiping their bills on the branches to get rid of the sticky berry from their beaks. It’s the first time I have found some on the ground though. Every Christmas I consider getting a ladder, cutting down a load and selling sprigs in the local market and making my fortune. Never do though and probably never will!

      1. I’ve never seen it growing in NYS, but when I looked it up, it turns out, I’ve probably been seeing a leafless cousin, without realizing what it was. It’s also a nasty parasite, “eastern dwarf mistletoe” — little brownish-greenish spouts sticking out of evergreen branches.

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