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Defroidmont Chocolate Museum

header-magasin03If you’re on vacation this summer in the Ardennes, and you find yourself experiencing one of those summers showers that unfortunately are all too common, then here’s a good tip for a couple of hours in the warm and dry: the Defroidmont Chocolate Museum in Erezee. In a surprisingly high-tech audio-visual presentation you will learn all about the history of chocolate, the countries producing cocoa beans, and all the various production steps. Afterwards you will be able to see the Defroidmont pralines being made, and of course get the opportunity to buy some of their excellent products. Afterwards — if the weather has cleared up — you could go on the Bees Walk, and follow a short waymarked trail with boards that will give you 15 interesting facts about bees.

The museum and shop are open every day through the year from 10:00 to 17:30. The museum tour costs 4,50 EUR and the bees walk 3 EUR per adult. Here’s a folder about the place: Defroidmont folder

Here are some photos of the museum and shop:

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