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Leuven Botanical Garden

A brief introduction to one of Leuven’s delights: the Leuven Botanical Garden, or Kruidtuin.

If you’re shopping in Leuven, on business there, passing through, or just fancy an hour of peaceful relaxation amidst beauty, then get down to the Leuven Kruidtuin.

It’s free to visit, it’s open every day, there’s plenty of benches to sit on and soak up the atmosphere, and it’s packed full of fascinating plants of all sizes, types and colours.

Here’s a few photos that I took on my recent visit to the Leuven Botanical Garden, to whet your appetite.


31 thoughts on “Leuven Botanical Garden”

  1. Dear Denzil, I still read your posts with interest, even though I’m a long way from Belgium. I went to the Botanic Gardens in Oxford yesterday, after visiting the Ashmolean museum, And met up with Sue and Roger Cox. We were reminiscing about lots of old friends in Bx! Hope you are all well. X Catherine


    1. Thanks Carol. Yes at first I thought it had fallen into the water and needed rescuing but then I noticed it was on a duckweed leaf and drinking!

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