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Flanders Fields

Flanders Fields – the area of Flanders where the Allied armies dug in against the invading Germans in the First World War – is known throughout the world. It’s a symbol of the needless suffering and devastation caused by war. But it’s more than a symbol. It’s an area where people lived and still live today. Here are some posts that put the spotlight on this fascinating area of Belgium.

The Alliums of Flanders Fields

In late May and June, many locations in Flanders Fields are transforming into a sea of purple Alliums.

In Memoriam by Alice Winn

In Memoriam by Alice Winn

In Memoriam by Alice Winn is a wonderful and gripping account of love between two young men amidst the brutality of the First World War.

Irish Peace Park

How to spend a day in Mesen

Stefaan Bailleur from the website describes how to spend a day in the town of Mesen/Messines in West Flanders.

From The Ashes

A historical walk around Nieuwpoort

A historical walk around Nieuwpoort and a review of the book “From The Ashes” which describes the reconstruction of the Westhoek

remember the casualties of war

Why do we remember the casualties of war?

Some thoughts on why we remember the soldiers who lost their lives during the First World War. Plus news of upcoming posts on this topic.

Cloth Hall and Grote Markt Ypres

The Reconstruction of Ypres

Ypres was totally destroyed in the First World War yet took only 10 years to rebuild. Here’s the story of the Reconstruction of Ypres.

Tyne Cot

Tyne Cot Cemetery and Memorial in Zonnebeke, Belgium is one of the largest and most moving resting places for thousands of casualties in the First World War.

the Poppies of Flanders Fields

The Poppies of Flanders Fields

Why were poppies so numerous on the fields of Flanders? And how did they become the symbol of remembrance?