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26th of December: April, June or September?

A Happy Christmas and a New Year full of Belgian Discoveries! Yes, it’s my final post of 2015. But what a strange day. 14 degrees warm, and in the direct sunshine, as hot as a day in June. Not good from the perspective of the planet’s climate, but so good to get some sunshine in December.

50 Shades of Grey

After a couple of gorgeously sunshiny days, unfortunately this morning dawned dull and cloudy, and the weather forecast was not much more optimistic. Still, Saturday morning is Saturday morning; for me the best day to get out and about. I fancied a bike ride today, so I planned a 30 km route, got the bike out and set off. Still no hint of sunshine, so I thought I’d set the camera to black-and-white, if only to give me an excuse to use the blog title!

First stop, the canal ...

First stop, the canal …

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Discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary

Today I set myself a challenge. I decided to go on an ordinary Saturday morning walk in my very ordinary neighbourhood, in search of the extraordinary. So I worked out a 13 km route, took the bus to Wespelaar, and walked back home, in search of the unusual.

Did I succeed? Judge for yourself…


Well, my quest got off to a good start; a traffic policeman certainly makes an unusual sight in a garden. The gnome doesn’t look too happy to have been ousted from his usual prominent position.

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A day in the Molignée Valley in Namur province

A day in the Molignée Valley, south of Namur, could incorporate a country walk, a visit to the historic ruins of Montaigle Castle, a tour of the Abbey of Maredsous, a visit to a snail farm, and a trip on a rail-bike.