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Rosdel nature reserve

Enjoy a few hours walking around this “oasis of tranquility” near Hoegaarden

Anliwer Forest

Walking in Anlier Forest

Anlier Forest in the south of Belgium is one of the country’s largest forests. Here are seven walking routes through Anlier Forest.

A day in the Molignée Valley in Namur province

A day in the Molignée Valley, south of Namur, could incorporate a country walk, a visit to the historic ruins of Montaigle Castle, a tour of the Abbey of Maredsous, a visit to a snail farm, and a trip on a rail-bike.

world war one

How did World War 1 start?

What led to 16 million people losing their lives? And what were the key battles in Flanders, Belgium?

Bruegel in Peer

Here is the third part of “In Bruegel’s footsteps”, which covers his association with the Limburg town of Peer.

Bruegel in Dilbeek Part II

Here’s part 2 of “Following Brueghel’s Footsteps”, taking you through the countryside around Dilbeek